What We Value

As part of the membership meeting in June, 2010, I asked members to remember two incidents this past year that stood out for them in the life of our Ethical Society — one that they enjoyed, and one that they didn’t enjoy so much.  I also asked that they try to boil down to one word the quality of life that they were wanting — a quality of life they found in the moment they enjoyed, a quality of life that they found wanting in the moment that they didn’t enjoy.  Out of those words, I created this word cloud:

State of the Society 2010

State of the Society 2010

As we think about plans for the Society in 2011, and each of us for our individual part in those plans, these longings for what we’d like to see more of can inform us and how we continue to build our community together.

(Note that I omitted or translated a few words offered that seemed to describe what people didn’t want, or answers that were more than one word long.  The more times a word was mentioned, the larger the word in the “wordle.”)

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