A Holiday They Can Believe In?

We are mentioned in this article in the Post:

Atheists gather for a holiday they can believe in: Independence Day

Glad to get a mention. Our Ethical Society is definitely an atheist-friendly group with many atheists, but we’re not exclusively an atheist group. We’re nontheist in that belief in deities is not required or even important to our identity. Thus, atheists are comfortable, and so are mixed families and others who don’t believe that people must have a deity to ground ethical behavior.

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  • I hope that we will keep International Peace Day on September 21st, as a major holiday that will go on our calendar. BSEC has it on now and so will Essex after September 21st.
    Wanted you all to know that Liz and I will be attending the National Peace Academy’s Peace Participation Intensive, August 1-7th. We should leave equipped to launch an ongoing Peace initiative in Maplewood, NJ and to coordinate a Peace Building curriculum for our website as we agreed to do at the Spring NLC Retreat.