51Qa1uAyVeL._SL160_Just started reading: Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America (new edition out in paperback soon)

If you’re interested in some of the roots of America’s culture wars today — this book has some interesting insights.  I don’t believe it’s got all the answers, but some of the roots of resentment, shame, and blame are documented here.  Now, if we can work to listen to what’s behind the resentment, shame, and blame –move to really listening to one another ….

Book Recommendation

A suggestion for summer reading:  The Anatomy of Peace from the Arbinger Institute.  I found it quite engrossing — a slightly different way to get to the “how-to” of “bringing out the best in others” — by seeing the individual worth or “personhood” of everyone, and reacting out of a “heart at peace” rather than a “heart at war.”  I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing the audio version of the book, though found it a bit difficult to visualize some charts that were described, so also have a copy of the dtb (”dead tree book”).

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict